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Help Your Child Get a Good Night's Sleep

Every parent knows how important it is for their child to get a good night's sleep. The challenge, however, is getting their children to bed on time. If this sounds familiar, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ which can help.


Winter break is highly anticipated by children and parents alike. Still, while your child may be thrilled to be done with their academics for the year, you should know that completely neglecting them during the break can result in winter break learning loss. This may mean that they will have a...
The time off school gives your child the opportunity to try new things while they're on winter break. For example, if they're not much of a reader, they can use this free time to pick up this incredibly beneficial habit. If you aren't sure how you can encourage them to read more this holiday...

Ideas to Help You Teach a Kinesthetic Learner

Each time that a student is seen disengaging from their studies or not participating, the immediate thought is often towards disinterest. After all, why would a student who is interested in a subject not be interested in learning about it? The...

Help Your Student Prepare to Sit an Exam

Exams are often considered to be a student’s worst nightmare. This isn't  because they don’t have a solid knowledge of the subject, but often simply because the idea of an exam is too overwhelming. If this sounds like a student in your home, The Tutoring...

How You Can Make Learning at Home Fun

When it comes to helping your child to continue their learning at home, the biggest challenge comes from the bevy of screens they have to entertain them. And while this may seem like an impossible challenge, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ is here to...

Synonym Bingo!

You need only visit a mall to see that while everybody is using their ‘phones’, nobody actually has the device up to their ear. While the term ‘phone’ is still used, it’s fair to say that these are better defined as communication devices. The importance of that name is to signify...

Is Your Child the New Kid at School This Year?

While you may have many fond memories of your school years, it’s likely that none of them are about your first few days at a new school where you didn’t know anybody and everything was new. However, for many students this year, this is exactly the...

Does Your Child Lack Confidence?

With much of the focus for a child’s new school year placed on the social aspects of the school environment, it can be easy to attribute any lack of self-esteem or confidence to social problems. However, it’s important for every parent to remember that starting a...

How to Make Your First Teacher Meeting a Productive One

With the new school year getting into full swing for students across the country, now is also a time for parents to prepare to meet their child's new teacher. The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has the following tips to share which can...


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