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Winter break is highly anticipated by children and parents alike. Still, while your child may be thrilled to be done with their academics for the year, you should know that completely neglecting them during the break can result in winter break learning loss. This may mean that they will have a hard time returning to school, since they would have forgotten some of the information they had already learned. To ensure this doesn't happen to your child, follow the tips below to prevent winter break learning loss.

How to Prevent Winter Break Learning Loss

  1. Encourage them to read and write over the winter break. Keeping a journal or reading books by great authors will help them practicing certain academic skills (such as grammar and spelling), as well as keep their mind active.
  2. To really prevent winter break learning loss, your child should go through their notes a few times over their time off school. This will refresh their memory of everything they learned while they attended school.
  3. You can also plan fun activities to keep your child learning during the break. For instance, going to the zoo or the library will reinforce certain information and will help them learn new things.
  4. Finally, you can try talking to your child. Asking them about their school subjects (for example, about a historic event) will inadvertently help them practice and use the information they already have.

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