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The time off school gives your child the opportunity to try new things while they're on winter break. For example, if they're not much of a reader, they can use this free time to pick up this incredibly beneficial habit. If you aren't sure how you can encourage them to read more this holiday season, below you'll find tips that can help you out.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read Over Winter Break

Choose Stories Related to the Season

Your child may be more interested in reading if they have material they can relate to. For that reason, you can try offering options of stories that take place during winter or during Christmas/Hanukkah/or other celebrations.

Read With Them

Since it's likely you'll also have more time during the winter break, you should spend it reading with your child. Designating joint reading time for each day will help you bond, discuss the reading material, and have more enjoyable and enriching experiences.

Create the Right Ambiance

Luckily, the colder weather may help you create an ambiance that may be conducive to reading. To that end, turn on the fireplace, make a cup of hot chocolate, place fluffy pillows and throws on the couch, and allow your child to be cozy and warm as they read.

Go to the Library

Once again, you can use your free time to make your child more excited about reading. Now that you're on a break, visit the library more often. Going to a place dedicated to stories, books, and knowledge may encourage your child to read more.

Give Books as Gifts

Lastly, getting gifts is probably one of the best things about the holiday season when you're young. If your child is eager to open their presents, give them books as gifts. Your child may be eager to read and make the most out of what they got.

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