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Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder or ADHD is a disorder that affects over 28% of the population of children between the ages of 3 and 17. The numbers of diagnoses are steadily increasing. If you are a parent raising a child with ADHD, you may opt for traditional medicine, other methods, or a mixture of both. You know that there are many resources available for you and that you are not alone. The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell would like to share a few tips you can utilize within your home, along with any treatments you are using, in order to help your child with ADHD, and you, have a healthier and more engaged homelife. 

Healthy Living

Living a healthy lifestyle should be a priority for you and your child. We know that it can be difficult to ensure your child is receiving the things he or she needs for successful brain and body development. However, we’d like to provide three simple steps here. 

Exercise and Play
It is not as important what your child is doing, as long as it is active. You could try enrolling your child in martial arts, dance, organized sports, or just ensure that he or she is having adequate active playtime with friends. Again, what is done isn’t the matter as much as your child actively enjoying. 

Eating Well
A diet high in nutrients and low in sugar is the way to go. Keep in mind that for your with ADHD this is especially important. The nutrients will aid in brain growth and development, but the low sugar will help him or her to focus just a bit more easily. 

Sleeping Well
When we say your child should be sleeping well, we do not only mean the hours should be long. As you have preferences when you sleep, it is likely that your child does as well. Have a discussion with him or her about preferences while sleeping. some of the things you should consider are whether complete darkness or a night light are more effective, whether a fan, sound machine or complete silence works for your child to be lulled to sleep, and even consider whether the mattress is of the right firmness or softness for your little one. Try to be as accommodating as possible with the preferences your child expresses. 

Routine and Structure

While it is true that we all benefit from routine and structure, it is even more essential for those with ADHD. As they have difficulty focusing and maintaining self control, it is great for them to understand exactly what is expected of them, and when. Try using a calendar that is visible to all in the home so that your child is on track. This will not only help teach discipline, but it can be a great way to avoid confusion. Stick with the schedule you set for, pending there are no extenuating circumstances. 

Once you have started to implement these basic steps, you will see results. Do not lose hope if your child is taking a bit more time to adjust to these lifestyle changes. The 2-3 weeks which it takes to form a habit, will be increased, and it might take more time. Stick with it. 

As for academics, if you find your child is in need of some assistance in an academic area, remember that this is exactly what The Tutoring Center is here for. Our tutoring system is one that is designed to help capture and keep the attention of even the most distractible learners. Give us a call at, 862-210-8600, for tutoring in West Caldwell!


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