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Changes Coming to the SAT in 2016

Back in March 2014, the College Board made an important announcement regarding the future of the SAT Exam.  They revealed that in the Spring of 2016, they will start to administer a redesigned SAT Exam, having made several changes to the content, structure, and scoring of the exam.  It's important that high school students are aware of the changes so that they can properly prepare for the redesigned exam.  Here at the Tutoring Center in West Caldwell, we provide SAT prep and can explain all the changes in order to help students develop the appropriate test taking strategies.

How will the SAT Change in 2016?

Now, on to the specific changes that are coming.  The College Board has indicated that there will be a newfound emphasis on the use of evidence to support answers, which probably suggests a shift away from pure multiple choice.  In terms of the reading section, the indication is that rather than testing students on obscure vocabulary words, the test makers will instead focus on using more common language that students are likely to use in college and beyond.  The math section will be more narrowly focused, possibly allowing students to concentrate their studies on fewer areas, but with greater depth.  Structural changes include an optional essay, and scoring changes include a return to the 1600 point scale from the past, and the removal of any penalty for incorrect answers.

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The SAT Exam is of vital importance in terms of your child's future.  It can be one of the keys in getting accepted to a good university.  Here at the Tutoring Center, we offer an excellent SAT prep program, which includes one-to-one instruction, and over the years has achieved fantastic results.  We offer a Free Diagnostic Assessment to all incoming students, so give us a call today at (862) 210-8600 to get set up.


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