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Eyesight is one of the main senses we use to learn more about the world and interact with our environment. This is why, when our vision is blurred, we turn to ophthalmologists to help us regain our clarity. 

Needless to say, having bad eyesight can affect your child’s performance in all of their activities, including school. This is why, in this post, you’ll find a few indicators that your child may need corrective glasses. Just make sure to visit a professional to get an accurate assessment.

How to Tell if Your Child Needs Glasses


One of the most telling signs that your child may need glasses is if they squint often. As you may know, this partial closing of the eyes is done to help focus the sight better, which is why it’s probable that your child has an eye ailment if they’re constantly squinting.

Sensitive, Tired Eyes

The eyes do their best to help you see better. This is why it’s common for people with poor eyesight to have sensitive, red, tired, watery eyes due to the strain they put them through. If your child’s eyes have these characteristics, take them to an ophthalmologist to evaluate their vision.

Frequent Headaches

Another side-effect of bad vision is constant headaches or strong migraines. Again, the eyes work extra hard to make up for their deficiency, which may result in frequent headaches and other problems.

Unusual Habits

Lastly, note any strange behavior in your child. For example, if they have trouble focusing when they read or watch TV, if they need to cover one of their eyes to see better, or if they sit too close to the television, it’s probable that they’ll require corrective glasses.

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