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Why Are Your Student's Grades Slipping?

When students return to school after the Christmas break, many parents chalk up any strange behavior or drops in school performance to be the effects of the holiday, where children could run free and enjoy presents and celebrations. While this could be true, this far into the year, there are a number of likely factors that could be causing your child’s grades to slip. With expert knowledge providing one-to-one tutoring in West Caldwell, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has a post to share with two common reasons for grades to slip.

Insufficient Teacher Time

As more and more students prepare to take assessment and entrance exams, a teacher’s time becomes more and more stretched, to the point where there are children who will inevitably miss out. Of course, when this happens, a student’s grades will easily slip and solely because of a small error made that the teacher wasn’t able to personally correct. When this happens, it can have a 'snowball effect,' where a student simply resigns themselves to the point that the teacher doesn't have enough time and stops trying.


As students grow older, their hormones begin to churn and their behavior becomes unpredictable. One of the first life aspects to suffer is always school work. Whether it’s general class time or an important exam, hormones are powerful and can distract a student without a second thought. If you are dealing with a teen and you suspect hormones are making them act strangely, the best place to start is by talking to them. Explain that the chemical reactions happening inside their body are natural, and they should do their best to remain focused during crucial school and study time.

Lift Their Grades with Tutoring in West Caldwell

Whatever the reason for your child’s grades to slip, it’s important that you tackle the problem straight away and seek additional educational resources to help get their learning back on track. Speak with The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ at 862 210 8600 and ask about how subject focused ‘Geniuses in Training’ programs can help students of all levels increase their grades, their attitude towards school, and their confidence.


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