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Techniques to Prevent the Summer Learning Slide

A previous post provided information on the summer learning slide and how it can be affecting your student, along with how tutoring in West Caldwell can prevent its effects. The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has a further post on the subject with techniques to complement weekly one-to-one tutoring sessions during the summer break.

Pop Quiz!

Every student loves them! Okay, maybe they don’t LOVE them, but they do understand their benefits. Speak with their teacher or even research pre-prepared pop-quizzes on the internet and give them to your youngster at random times.
  • For example, ask your student to complete a pop quiz on the way to the grocery store. Have a reward ready for a successful completion, such as a small treat from the candy aisle or allowing them to choose what you will eat for dinner that night.
  • If they see an advertisement for a movie on television and ask to go, give them a set of pop-quizzes during the week. Reward them on the weekend by taking them to the cinema to see the movie.

Review Their Notes

The notes which your student takes during the school year and their classes are a powerful learning tool. With your youngster, sit down and identify which lessons they struggled with and separate these notes into a ‘summer learning notebook.' Simply reviewing these notes while you drive them to the mall or to their friend's house, or even during a family road trip to your vacation destination is a great way to help them start the new school year in a great position.

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