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Your children have many responsibilities in school; there are many homeworks and projects that demand their full attention and a proper environment could help them fulfill the academic demands.

At The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell, we realize the impact that a great study environment has on the academic achievement of your children. That’s why, we tell you a few tips that can help your children focus while they study.

Find a Comfortable Place

We would recommend a place close to you, where you can look over them if they need something. Keep in mind that their bedroom should be associated with rest and free time, so avoid choosing this place.

Reduce Distractions

Distractions come all kinds of shapes and sizes; even a pencil can be fascinating when you are bored. Find out what distracts your children the most; cell phone, pets, laptop and make sure to remove it. Also, provide the school supplies your children need, so they don’t have to stand up frequently.

Make a Schedule

Creating a study schedule is simple! Use a daily planner or calendar to write down the subject that’s supposed to be studied and set an alarm as a reminder. Remember to divide the work into smaller units. This way, you will create a study habit!


According to some experts, the attention span of teenagers is about 40 minutes. After this, they will have trouble processing information. Breaks are important to relax and they should be accompanied by a pleasant activity.

Having a great place to study is another thing that will help your child do well in school. Make sure provide a great one to your children.

If your children are having troubles at school and you are looking for tutoring in West Caldwell, thing about The Tutoring Center. Our Study Skills Enrichment Program, will provide to your children the academic tools they need for a bright future.

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