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Exams are often considered to be a student’s worst nightmare. This isn't  because they don’t have a solid knowledge of the subject, but often simply because the idea of an exam is too overwhelming. If this sounds like a student in your home, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has a post which can help prepare for an exam.
  • Despite what you might think, many students attend an exam having performed little to no studying, instead relying on their general knowledge of the subject. As you can imagine, this doesn’t result in a good grade. Whether it’s reading notes on the bus or a full study session, be sure that you study!
  • To complete your exam, you will need stationery items. Whether it’s a pen, a range of markers, or measuring equipment, be sure that you pack it in a small case the night before and check its contents again before you leave the next morning.
  • Once you sit down to your exam, be sure to complete your name and any other identification questions required. While it can seem like a strange tip to mention, you would be surprised at just how many students forget this part and end up receiving no grade for their hard work.
  • With all of this completed, take some time to read through your exam and identify any questions which you believe will be easy and which ones you expect to be a challenge. A good idea is to complete the easier questions, and once you finish these, find harder questions which offer more points and attempt these first before making your way through.
  • Even if you haven’t finished all of the questions on your exam, be sure to make time to review the answers you already completed. While you may be 100 percent sure that you knew the answers, it is always a good idea to make sure the correct answer made its way on to the exam paper, and you didn’t, in a rush, turn a 7 into a 4.

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