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We are in the middle of the summer and your kids are probably making the most of it. That’s great! But besides all the great activities your children can do under the sun, they should take some time to strengthen their academic skills -  and reading is a great way to achieve it. 

There are many things that you can do to motivate your children to grab a book. If you have no idea where to start, don’t worry! At The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell, we will give you a few helpful tips. 

Visit the Library

It’s at the library where your children can explore the wonderful world of literature. Allow them to choose their books according to their interests and hobbies. Also, you can ask for recommendations from the librarian. 

Get Involved

Practice what you preach and read! Make sure that your children see you enjoying a book and they will follow your example. Have plenty of reading material in your home and expand your definition of reading; comic books, magazines and graphic novels can get your children to read. Remember to ask your children about their favorite chapters and characters of their books. 

Try to Avoid...

Sometimes, your efforts to get your children to read can have the opposite effect. Never criticize the book choices of your children. Also, try not to give rewards for every book they read - eventually, they will realize that reading is already a prize by itself. 

These simple ideas will encourage your children to read, which will expand their vocabulary and it will also develop their reading competence - a skill that’s largely demanded in the classroom. Don’t forget these tips to improve your children’s reading comprehension

Summer is also a great opportunity to enhance the study habits of your children and at The Tutoring Center, we will be glad to help you! We offer a free diagnostic assessment to know the strengths and weaknesses of your children so they can improve their abilities for the next school year. Consider us, next time you are looking for tutoring in West Caldwell

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