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Even if you are a native speaker of English, it can be a tough language to master.  Tutoring children the use of their own language is one of the many subjects we work with here at The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell, NJ. Below are a few tips to help your child learn the proper use of the English language.

Speaking English

The English language has vast differences in spelling and pronunciation. English borrows words from all sorts of different languages and new terms are constantly emerging. Encourage your child to avoid nonstandard English words and phrases, such as ain’t, can’t hardly, can’t seem to, irregardless, and anyways. Consult a dictionary for the proper usage. A surprising amount of English words has more than one pronunciation. Sometimes, it depends on the region or country the speaker comes from. Words like either, schedule, and route can be pronounced more than one way.

Writing & Reading English

Expose your child to different writing styles to pick up structures, tones, and ideas. The vast majority of printed works, such as books and magazines, have been thoroughly edited. Look at what makes good English writing good. If your child wants to write with a particular style or in a particular genre, have her read things that are related to that. Writers will tend to adopt styles and ideas from they read.

Listening & Speaking

Listening to talk radio, podcasts, and audiobooks is another good way to understand the English Language. Have your child read aloud, (check it, aloud or out loud?) with intonation. She can read to you, her doll or even the dog. Reading passages aloud is one way to understand their structures and details. It will improve your child's speech, especially if she has a habit of speaking hesitantly or using the words uh or um too frequently. She will be less likely to stammer or pause when she speaks. You will find your child starting to say words more carefully instead of slurring them together.

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