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It is no surprise that basic writing is a fundamental skill which every child needs to learn. However, as future educational and employment requirements grow more stringent, just how well a child writes can decide whether or not they are accepted into college or receive a promotion. For this article, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has two great ways for you to help your child expand their vocabulary.

Fill in the Blanks

Stories are a great way for children to increase their vocabulary. Create your own short story consisting of a few paragraphs, and then highlight a selection of words throughout. With your child, ask them to rewrite the story, however, help them to use a thesaurus to choose a synonym for the ones you have highlighted. One of the great advantages to this lesson is that you can adapt it to their interests. For example, if your child enjoys the beach, make your story about a trip to the beach.

Synonym Cards

Take a couple of minutes to create small pieces of card with synonyms. Great basics to start with are:
  • Sad - Unhappy
  • Seat  - Chair
  • Large - Big
  • Clever - Smart
  • Middle - Center
  • Tidy - Clean
Lay these cards out on the table and let your child identify which synonyms they recognize (this will give you a good understanding of their vocabulary level). Once this is done, work with them to match the remaining synonyms. These cards can also be taken with you as you both complete your daily errands. While you warm up the car, hold up a card and ask them to provide a matching synonym. Similarly, if you are at the grocery store and they see a brand of jelly they would like, pull out a card and ask them to provide a synonym.

Boost Your Child's Vocabulary With Tutoring in West Caldwell

These are just two ways which you can help your child expand their vocabulary. If you feel that your child repeats words often, either written or spoken, and feel they could benefit from formal assistance, speak with The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ. Call (862) 210-8600 today to book a free consultation where you can learn more about how tutoring in West Caldwell can not only help your child improve their vocabulary, but also their grades.


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