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Don't Discount the Benefits of Group Study Sessions

A separate post from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ provided a solid example of how a student can benefit from attending a group study session. Continuing with this theme, below is a further post with an additional benefit your student can receive from attending a group study session.

Taking It All Down

It doesn’t matter how many times a parent or a teacher tries to tell a student to only write down the most important information, they are always going to try to copy down everything the teacher says verbatim. Sure, this works for the first few minutes of the lesson, but shortly after that, each student is left trying to scribble down what the teacher said three sentences ago while simultaneously trying to listen to what is currently being said. As you can imagine, or as you likely know, this results in nothing more than a notebook filled with incomplete and often incorrect notes. Through a group study session, each student has the opportunity to share their notes with other students, while also viewing the notes of their classmates. A perfect example would be your student who didn’t manage to note down any of the dates mentioned but did note down all of the important names. Luckily, another student in the group managed to catch the names but was a little unsure about the dates they wrote. As this exchange happens throughout the session, each student has the chance to fill in any gaps and gain context around the notes they were able to take. The result? Each student leaves the group study session with a complete set of correct notes which can be used as a strong study guide during their personal study time at home.

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