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Are You Finding It Difficult to Get Your Child up for School?

With students around the country preparing to start the new school year, parents are finding it difficult to get their students out of bed in the morning and to school on time. The previous post shared some ideas to help, and below are even more great ideas from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell.

Encourage Snoozing

That’s right, encourage snoozing! This doesn’t mean that you should let your children sleep through the time they should be up, it simply means accommodating for a bit of extra time. Set your child’s alarm around 5-10 minutes earlier and encourage them to wake up earlier and spend a few extra minutes in bed stretching and preparing their mind for the school day ahead.

Discourage Napping

Many students get into bed at night and find it difficult to get to sleep. This is often because, after returning home from a long day at school, they take a nap before completing their homework. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for their brain and body to relax at night and get a solid night of sleep. Instead of allowing napping, help them complete active and fun exercises and activities which will not only keep them awake until it’s bedtime but also work to exhaust their body and brain in readiness. This helps them be ready to get out of bed in the morning in time for school.

Night Time Reading

Reading before bed is a great way to help a student to drift off. The activity is not only enjoyable, it’s also relaxing and, at times, tiring. However, instead of asking them to read their school books, provide them with books which are purely for enjoyment, such as popular books or even appropriate comics. In addition to helping them drift off to sleep, reading of any kind is a great learning boost.

Tutoring in West Caldwell Can Work for Your Student

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