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Tips to Create a Great Learning Space at Home

When it comes time for your student to study, their level of productivity depends on a number of factors, an important one being the space in which your student studies. If your youngster currently sits on the couch to study or reads through their notes at the kitchen table while you prepare dinner, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has some tips below to help you create a more productive study space.

Distraction Free

Studying in front of the television is a great way for your student to watch the television with a textbook in their hand. However, it isn’t an effective way to study. Instead, locate a space in your home which your youngster can use to study quietly. This could be an area in your own bedroom where you set up a desk and a chair or even an outdoor entertaining area which you can close off make private.

Don’t Give Them a Reason to Leave

Do you know what happens to a student who roams out of their study space to get a glass of water or to find the right color marker? They never return to their studies. The best way to prevent this is to ensure that, when setting up their quiet study space, they have everything they need to complete their studying. Whether they need markers, glue, scrap paper, a good wifi signal, or anything else, be sure that your student can access it easily without needing to leave their chair.

The Right Lighting

If you have ever tried to take a great photograph then you know that lighting is everything, and the same rings true for a study space. Too dark and your youngster will struggle to read the text and strain their eyes unnecessarily, while too much light will cause their eyes to become weary. Instead, consider the type of lighting available when creating a study space, making improvements if necessary. Something as small as a desk lamp or even a floor-lamp in the right place and with right bulb can make the world of difference and turn an okay space into a conducive learning area.

Tutoring in West Caldwell, NJ

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