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How to Use a Highlighter

In addition to studying, the tools which your youngster uses can play a large part on just how effective their time spent is. Below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ on how you can use one of these tools more effectively - the highlighter.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

Just because your favorite color is pink doesn’t mean that you can read the text underneath a pink highlighter. Similarly, a yellow highlighter isn’t always going to attract your attention in bright lighting conditions. For this reason, write some basic lines of notes and then use a range of colored highlighters to test out which works best for you, making sure to choose the colors based on readability, not on color preference.

Allocate a Color

Once you have narrowed down the colors which you can use effectively, it’s time to assign them to a class or a subject. For example, blue for math, orange for science, and so on. While it may seem unnecessary, training your eyes and your brain to focus on a particular color the whole time they are studying can help improve their study sessions. Additionally, it can also makes notes easier to identify.

Look for the Important Information

While there will be times that you will highlight a whole sentence or even an entire paragraph, the main purpose of highlighting is to bring attention to only the important information. If this means that you only highlight a few words in the one sentence, then do it. The reason to keep your highlighting to a minimum is to make it easy to identify important information. For example, if you are looking for the a name in your notes, it will be quicker if only the name was highlighted and not a range of sentences.

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