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Ideas to Help You Teach a Kinesthetic Learner

Each time that a student is seen disengaging from their studies or not participating, the immediate thought is often towards disinterest. After all, why would a student who is interested in a subject not be interested in learning about it? The crucial mistake with this sentiment is that they aren’t disinterested in learning, they just need a different method, a hands-on method to appeal to the kinesthetic learner inside them. The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has a post below to help you understand the traits of a kinesthetic learner and some teaching approaches you can try. If it seems like your student just can’t seem to put things down, it might be a good idea to let them keep a hold of the item. In fact, it could be a great idea to give them more!
  • Kinesthetic learners will find learning math much easier if they are able to use tangible objects to play out the equation. For example, learning a simple equation such as 11 minus 4 is made significantly easier for a kinesthetic learner if they are able to interact with 11 objects, and then physically removing four of them.
  • Of course, this method isn’t limited to basic math equations. Kinesthetic learners learning the difference between a Scalene, Equilateral, and Isosceles triangle will be better equipped to understand the lesson if they can use basic kitchen items to create each triangle.
  • Similarly, if you are attempting a lesson on volume, consider physical objects, such as cups or a bucket which can be used to demonstrate quantities, volume, or mass.

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