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Helping a Kinesthetic Learner With Their Homework

If you have ever walked past your youngster’s room as they were studying only to see them seemingly playing with objects on their desk, until on closer inspection you noticed they were using them to learn, they could be showing traits of a kinesthetic learner. Below is a short post from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ on how to help a kinesthetic learner with their math homework.

How to Help a Kinesthetic Learner With Their Math Homework

Kinesthetic learners can often be confused with distracted or disinterested students. However, kinesthetic learners are just as enthusiastic about the lesson as any other interested student, they may just be disinterested in the way the lesson is being presented. If you feel like your student prefers to learn in a more hands-on way, try these ideas:
  • When teaching basic math lessons, use objects around their room or in your home and allow them to interact with the lesson.
  • If you are helping with a lesson on quantity, consider kitchen items which can be used to make the lesson tangible.
  • For lessons about distance and speed, consider measuring space in a public park and using sports items to represent speed, velocity, etc.
Of course, you aren’t limited to these ideas but they will give you a great starting place. Alongside these, consider other ways you can use items in your home or places in your neighborhood to make homework lessons more hands-on.

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