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Smart Ways Technology Can Help Your Child Realize the Benefits of Reading

With the rise of the cellphone and tablet, it's no surprise that more and more children are losing interest in the books throughout their library and instead opting for social media and photo sharing. While parents understand the importance of reading, it can be a hard lesson to pass down. For this post, The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell has a few ideas to help your child understand how reading and technology can go hand in hand.

Find Books and Textbooks Online

If your child has an aversion to physical books, find them online alternatives. Install an e-reader app on their phone and tablet, or even buy them a relatively cheap e-book reader and find their favorite books and school textbooks online. This provides a great alternative way for children who prefer to read from a screen to gain the benefits which reading can provide.

Take It Even Further

If there's one thing we all remember about reading textbooks, it's the ability to add sticky notes with our own information and references. With an e-reader app on their tablet, your child can add their own digital notes (even pictures) to important parts of their textbooks for future reference. In addition, these notes can also be indexed and downloaded to further assist them in revision. With these tools in hand, your child is able to read, easily take notes, and compile these notes for easy reference the next time they attend tutoring in West Caldwell.

Using Technology to Complement Tutoring in West Caldwell

Just because we only see our children using technology doesn't mean that it can't impact their educational lives in a positive way, you just need to find the right ways. Speak with The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell at (862) 210-8600 to learn more or to book your free consultation today.


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