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Losing attention is very easy, a bird on a tree may be the most fascinating thing when you are bored. Imagine how it is for children who are discovering the world and everything is exciting. Unfortunately, this can affect their academic achievement.

Luckily, there is something you can do about it. That’s why at the Tutoring Center in West Caldwell, we have a few ideas that will help to improve your children’s attention. 

Help Them Organize

There are many tools that can teach your children to self regulate; calendars, “to do” lists or alarms that allow them a break. Remember that it is important, that you work together on each of these strategies.

Work Environment

Make sure that you provide a place free of distractions. Also, try to establish a routine where you reduce the background noise, so your child can study calmly. Don’t forget that your home environment also affects their school performance. That’s why a warm emotional climate is important.


A healthy diet is not only an important part of your children’s development, it also helps them to do well in school. Make sure to include protein, fresh fruits, vegetables and calcium. Keep in mind that you should always avoid sugar, salt and greasy foods.

These simple tips can help your children to stay focused and achieve their potential.

If your children are having some difficulties in school, you can always trust The Tutoring Center. Our programs will give them that little push, they need to catch up with their class. So think about us next time you are looking for tutors in West Caldwell.

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