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Make Use of Your Powerful New Learning Tool

The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ’s previous post provided helpful information for parents on how they can create a powerful study tool to help prepare their students for any upcoming exams or even to bolster their child’s general knowledge. If you followed this recent post, however, and are finding it difficult to find opportunities to utilize the flashcards you created, this post has a great idea to help.

MOM! I Want...Can You Do…?

If this is something which you often hear in your home, then you are listening to the sound of a learning opportunity. It goes a little something like this:
  • Student: Hi, Mom! My friends are all going to the movies. Can you please drive me/us?
  • Mom: Sure! The movies sound great! I’ll take you, just as soon as you can tell me the answer to this flashcard prompt.
  • Student: Ugh! Don’t bother! I’ll find another way!
  • Mom: *all you need to do is wait*
  • Student: ...Okay! You win! Let me think...the answer is…
Or, how about:
  • Student: Dad! I have a craving for pizza tonight! Can you please pick some up on your way home from work tonight?
  • Dad: Pizza sounds delicious! I’ll even get your favorite kind if you can answer four of these flashcard prompts.
  • Student: *says nothing but listens to their stomach grumble* Okay! The answers are…
  • Dad: Delicious pizza for us all!
The great aspect of these learning opportunities is that you were likely to have said yes to your child anyway. However, you are now turning these small favors into learning opportunities with immediate and enjoyable rewards. Just because a technique is simple doesn’t mean that it should be discounted. The use of flashcards in this manner is a great way for parents to keep their students’ brains active and ready for any challenges ahead.

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