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Reading is a basic tool we all need to learn more about the world around us. Still, there are some children who struggle with it. If your child is currently not interested in reading or is having trouble with it, The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell has some tips that will hopefully turn this situation around.

How to Improve Your Child’s Reading Comprehension

Choose Wisely

If your child is just starting to read, let him/her pick what s/he’s interested in reading! You just need to make sure that it’s at his/her level and that the material is appropriate.

Ward Off Distractions

Being focused is a big part of reading comprehension! Children get distracted easily, so when the time for reading or studying comes, make sure they have a suitable environment for it.

Raise the Voice

A good technique to ensure your child is reading every word and actually focus on what’s written, is by reading out loud.


Encourage your child to look up an unknown word in the dictionary or to go back and reread a sentence if s/he’s confused by it. This will prevent him/her from being.

Highlight, Note and Engage

Highlighting and/or taking notes about important names, vocabulary, plot points, and relevant information will increase your child’s the commitment to what’s being read.

Discuss It

At the same time, sharing thoughts, asking questions, and socializing information is a great way to learn different point of views, and have a more enriching experience with books.

For Tutoring in West Caldwell

If your child is having some trouble with reading comprehension, here at The Tutoring Center, we offer the “Geniuses in Training” Reading Program. With it, your child is sure to improve his/her focus, reading skills, grammar and more! Call (862) 210-8600 for more information.


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