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Reading is such an important aspect of every child’s education that The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell shared just some of its benefits in the previous post. For this article, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell has some great ways to help your child improve their reading level without them knowing it.


If your children enjoy helping you in the kitchen, then you have the perfect platform to help them improve their reading skills. Each time that you use an item, hand them the jar or the container and ask them to read the ingredients. While it can seem silly to learn words they will likely never use, the lesson is in the pronunciation of each word and their ability to recognize new sounds.


While much of your correspondence will be via email or text, there will still be some items of mail that you receive in paper-form. When you receive these, ask your children to read them to you. This could range from a simple update from your bank about terms and conditions to advise on upcoming road work. Whatever it is, encourage your children to read it to you.


There’s no denying that GPS has changed how we navigate our way around town, often simply listening to directions as we drive. The next time you are using directions, instead of the app speaking the directions, ask your student to read the instructions and follow the vehicle on the screen as you move. Reading simple directions and street names is not only another great way to learn pronunciation, but the urgency of reading each direction before the next turn can help children to focus.

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