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While summer vacation is the time for your child to take a break from school, you should also use this time to help them improve in those academic areas that they may be struggling with. Doing so will help them get ahead and master those skills for their next school term. With this in mind, this post will go over some simple tips with which you can help your child work and improve on their grammar.

How to Improve in Grammar

Encourage Them to Read

Reading is one of the best activities that your child can engage in during summer. Not only does it work their imagination and open their mind to different points of view, but it also helps them develop their vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills. Give them books that will spark their interest, or make reading before bed a time to bond with your child so you can help them create a reading habit.

Motivate Them to Write

Similar to reading, writing can also provide your child with a few important benefits, such as better grammar, writing and communication skills, as well as a more creative imagination. Encourage them to keep a journal of their summer days or to write short stories during their days off so they can practice their grammar and become better writers.

Give Them Worksheets

A surefire way to get your child to develop their grammar skills is to give them practice sheets. You can search for some online that are fitted to their age, skill, and level. Moreover, you can also set up a reward system, and offer them a trip to the zoo (for instance), if they complete their sheets correctly. Doing so will help them reinforce their knowledge of grammar rules.

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