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Helping Your Child Concentrate

If your child is having difficulties focusing at school or on homework, it is easy to start worrying about ADHD. ADHD is a serious condition, but it may not be the problem. Here are a few steps you can take to make sure your child has the environment and tools necessary to concentrate.

Bare Necessities Help Focus Attention

When you are hungry or tired or both, it is nearly impossible to concentrate. Make sure that your child gets the sleep and nutrition she needs for a full day. Eight hours of sleep and three or more meals and snacks per day should be enough. Once you have these bases covered, you can focus yourself on other aspects of your child's concentration issues.

Reduce Clutter to Avoid Distractions

If your child's work area is crowded with toys, papers, and books, it is difficult to focus on a task at hand. Remove these easy distractions by keeping a clean and clear work space for your child to focus.

Make Learning Fun

When not engaged, your child will seek and find any excuse for distraction. Perhaps your child is bored by the learning material, in which case you will need to make it fun. Find a computer game or activities that teach the concepts in question. Teaching your child to use an abacus or soroban can help make math more fun.

Break Up the Monotony

Do not expect your child to complete all her homework in one sitting. Break it up into 20-30 minute segments with a timeout in between each one. Let your child play a game or run around a bit during the breaks so that her juices get flowing again.

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