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The dog ate my homework! An alien came down and stole my report! The cold weather makes my homework harder! While they all sound a little bit silly, one of them could actually be true. It’s called Seasonal Affective Disorder, and it can hit young students and teens hard during the change to colder weather. To help you support your children through this period, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has some information below to share.

What Is It?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) refers to a change in behavior and temperament which occurs during the transition into cold weather. If left unchecked, it can continue well into winter. It is thought that these changes are caused by the reduction in temperature and the reduction in sun exposure/longer days. Combined, these can easily impact an already stressed student’s brain and mind.

How Can I Identify It?

The chances are that if your child is struggling, you will have already noticed signs. Often it will include a consistently low mood, lack of energy, no motivation towards school or play, and a change in their eating habits. You may also notice that your child has become very irritable.

How Can I Help?

There are some great ways which parents can help their children out of this negative groove.
  • The best thing that you can do to support your child is to speak with them openly and freely about the changes they are experiencing and the impact that the weather is having on them. It is likely they are unsure about their own mood, and to hear a reasonable explanation from a calm parent can be a great help.
  • Help them plan their school and extracurricular activities to assist them with a regular sleep cycle.
  • Encourage them to participate in social activities that don’t relate to school. While not educational, enjoyable activities are a great complement to their regular school activities during this time. Activities such as dancing or art are great creative outlets.

Get Them Back on Track With Tutoring in West Caldwell NJ

If the change in seasons has caused your child’s grades to drop below what you know they are capable of, help is at hand. Speak with The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ at (862) 210-8600 to book a free consultation where you can learn more about how one-on-one tutoring in West Caldwell NJ can help your child reach their potential.


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