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Math Concepts You Will Find on the SAT

While the SAT provides a list of formulas at the beginning, you still need to know a few that are not given to you. Here is a list of math formulas and concepts you are likely to use on the SAT.

Percentage and Percentage Change

To calculate the percentage, divide the part by the whole and multiply by 100: (Part/Whole)*100. For the percentage change, divide the difference by the original and multiply by 100: (Difference/Original)*100.

Circle Proportionality

When asked what part of a circle a piece represents, remember these formulas: Slice/Area=Arc/Circumference=Measure of angle/360.

Line Formulas

Know the standard, point-slope line formula (y=mx+b) and the equation for slope (y2-y1)/(x2-x1).

Quadratic Entities

You should know the three most common quadratic factors: 

Triangle's Third Side Rule

Remember that the third, longest side (c) of a triangle is always greater than the difference between the other two sides (a and b) and less than the sum. (a-b)<c<(a+b)

Proportion Ratios

Know how to solve proportion ratios. a1/b1=a2/b2 and a1*a2=b1*b2.


To determine the average, or mean, of a set of numbers, add them all up and divide by the amount of numbers there are. (Sum/Amount)


To determine the chance of an event occurring, divide the desired possibilities by the total number of possibilities. (Desired/Total)


The surface area of a cube with sides (s) is 6s^2.


Finally, remember the formula for determining distance is rate times time. d=rt

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