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Improve Study Sessions With High-Quality Notes

After school study sessions are great for students to review lessons. However, they are only effective if the student can understand their own notes. For help on taking better notes, The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has some tips below to share.

Organized Notes

The best place to start is with organized and clean notes.
  • Have a notebook for each class/subject. Don't mix your notes.
  • Start each new lesson or class on new page.
  • Put the date at the top of each page.
  • If notes continue over a few pages, number each page.
  • Leave space to add new information or changes during review.

High-Quality Notes

Now that you can organize your notes, be sure the notes you take are worth organizing.
  • You can't write down everything the teacher is saying, so don't waste time trying. Instead, pay attention to the important details such as names, dates, landmarks, historic events, etc. which can help you find more information later.
  • Consider using a method such as shorthand, or create a writing style of your own which allows you to take complex and legible notes faster.
  • Review your notes as soon as you get home while the information is still fresh in your brain. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to remember any corrections or references.
  • If possible, share your notes after class with a classmate. This can help to expand your own notes and correct any mistakes you may have made.
  • This tip has been saved for last. Not because it's the least important, but so you remember it. Listen! The lesson and information being presented are important, so pay attention. If you are prone to being distracted, choose a place closer to the board or teacher and leave your gadgets in your bag.

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