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Involved Parents Have Successful Children

It is proven that students with parents active in their education perform better in school. Here are some steps you can take to improve results.

Build Responsibility

Make sure your children understand the consequences of their actions and take...

Writing Help: More Rules of Punctuation to Know

Here are a few more rules of punctuation that will help you write correctly.

Quotation Marks

Use double quotation marks to set off exact, word-for-word quotations, and single quotation marks for quotations within a quotation. Add a space between...

Know the Rules of Punctuation

Here are some punctuation rules to help improve your composition.

How to Use Apostrophes

Apostrophes have many uses. They show possession, as in "John's car." Do not use apostrophes, however, with personal pronouns: his, hers, ours, etc. Remember that names or things...

Math Concepts You Will Find on the SAT

While the SAT provides a list of formulas at the beginning, you still need to know a few that are not given to you. Here is a list of math formulas and concepts you are likely to use on the SAT.

Percentage and Percentage Change

To calculate...

Ways To Increase Your SAT Score

The summer is winding to a close, along with the traditional SAT exam-taking season. But due to the well known importance of the SAT, it should still be on your mind. Whether you plan on taking the SAT for the first time this coming academic year, or you seek to...

Changes Coming to the SAT in 2016

Back in March 2014, the College Board made an important announcement regarding the future of the SAT Exam.  They revealed that in the Spring of 2016, they will start to administer a redesigned SAT Exam, having made several changes to the content, structure, and...

Algebra Help: Direct Variation

When the ratio between two variables always remains the same, the two variables are in direct variation. If A is always two times B, or the cost of apples is $2 per pound, they directly vary. If I buy four pounds of apples, I pay $8, and this relationship does not...

Words to Help You Ace SAT Vocabulary

Put these SAT words on one side of a flash card with the definition and a mnemonic device to help you remember them. The devices are merely suggestions, use whatever works best for you.


adj., harsh in tone or taste- Acerbic is like acidic, it hurts.


While summer vacation is the time for your child to take a break from school, you should also use this time to help them improve in those academic areas that they may be struggling with. Doing so will help them get ahead and master those skills for their next school term. With this in mind, this...
This summer is a great opportunity to help your children become better students. Just remember that sleep quality also plays a crucial role in their academic success, as it improves their cognitive skills and keeps them alert throughout the day. For this reason, at The Tutoring Center in West...


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