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Reading is an activity that requires certain environment to be performed, otherwise it can become boring and even make your children sleepy. However, the right room condition can provide the reader with a comfortable space to enjoy the most exciting stories for hours. For this reason at The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell, we prepared the following post containing useful advice on creating the right reading environment at home. 


Falling asleep, back strains and other overuse injuries can be related to having a poor position while reading. Make sure to find a chair and furniture that allows your children get comfortable while staying alert.  Also, remember that the recommended focal distance is about 15 inches. If your children get tired of reading, make sure to visit the pediatrician or optometrist to get their vision checked. 

Reading Space

Designing a reading space at home is crucial to allowing your children focus. The place you choose should contain your children’s books and other items to create the right reading mindset. You should also provide the space with a lamp, as lighting is very important to avoid eye strain and fatigue, that will make your children’s reading ineffective.

Other Measures

Temperature is important to keep your children alert and prevent them from sleeping, so set the thermostat to 65-67 degrees. Remember to reduce distractions, as TV, cellphones and other items can divert your children’s attention. 

These simple and apparently unimportant details can have a huge impact on your children’s reading performance, plus they will engage them in this wonderful activity. Also, summer is around the corner, so be sure to read this previous post on encouraging your children to read

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