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Handling disappointing grades is a difficult thing to do; it’s important that your child understand that you expect better of them, but you also have to be careful not to be overly punitive. The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell have a few tips on how best to negotiate such a tricky situation.

Don’t jump to punishment

Try to avoid spur of the moment punishments, as these are often hastily thought out and as such are unlikely to be particularly effective. Take the time to consider whether punishing your child will achieve your aim (for them to do better in future). Generally speaking, rewarding good behaviour is more effective than punishment. Instead of banning video games, for example, say ‘you can play your video game once I’ve seen you’ve done your studying today’.

Talk to them about how they feel

Though many children may claim not to care about their grades, this is more than likely just a front. Most children would much prefer to do well than to do badly, so talk to them about how they feel and try to get them to realize that if they want to do well, they can!

Avoid being overly negative

It’s fine to make it clear that you would like your child to focus on doing better in future, but it’s important not to berate them too much, or to tell them how disappointed you are. Negativity is only likely to further decrease their motivation to achieve, so instead focus on the future rather than what is now past.

Make a plan

Sit down with your child and create a plan to help them improve. Talk through why it is they didn’t get the grades you expected, and try to come up with solutions to these problems. Perhaps they are overworked or have poor time management. Draw up a study plan and lay down some ground rules, for example ‘no TV until the day’s homework is finished’.

One thing that may help lift your child’s grades is to ensure that they have a good study space at home; if they routinely study in front of the TV or other inappropriate places, their study time may be being wasted.

If disappointing grades are in fact an academic issue, and your child is struggling to comprehend any material, hiring a tutor may be the answer. If you require tutoring in West Caldwell, make sure to contact The Tutoring Center. Call (862) 210-8600 to schedule a free consultation.


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