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The SAT is an examination given and used as part of the college admissions process. The test is accepted at over 2,000 universities and colleges within the United States and is taken by nearly 2 million students each year. An excellent SAT score could not only gain you admission to the college of your choice, but a really excellent score could help you receive a coveted scholarship to said university. No wonder then, that the SAT can provide enormous stress for some of its takers. Perhaps for those who prefer math, that section of the SAT will cause little trouble. However for those who do not feel versed in writing, it is the writing section that will cause you the most grief. It is with this in mind that The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell would like to share some general and more specific tips to help you succeed in the writing section of the SAT

General Tips for the Writing Section

- To prepare for this section you can do a simple search on example SAT writing prompts. There will often be examples from years past. You’ll be able to see, by doing this, what kind of questions are asked and of course you can provide yourself with some necessary practice 
- Be sure to bring at least two number 2 pencils to the testing center. It may also be helpful to bring a pencil sharpener that way you can stay seated during the exam and not waste the time you’ll need to complete this section 
- There will be paper available to you in the room, for use during the math section, however you can use it at anytime. For the writing section it will be helpful to make notes in the form of an outline so that you’ll have a better organized essay

Specifics to the Writing Section 

- Read the prompt a few times to ensure you have grasped the concept well
- As for the essay itself, you’ll have 25 minutes to complete it. This is, admittedly not much time, so be sure to utilize your minutes well
- The easiest and most effective way to organize the essay is by writing it in the 5 paragraph form
       - The introduction of the essay should include your response to the writing prompt, very shortly stated, as well as a listing of the evidence you plan to use in order to prove your point or make your statement
      - The middle paragraphs, known as the three body paragraphs, should go into greater specification on those evidences you presented in the introduction
      - As for your conclusion paragraph, it should provide as an abstract of the rest of the essay, summing up what you’ve said and your purpose. You should also include a clincher sentence here that leaves your reader thinking

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The ideal time to take your first SAT is at the beginning of Junior year. If you’ve not taken the test yet, or have and received a score you were not pleased with, remember that The Tutoring Center has an SAT Preparation Program available, in which you will learn strategies, structure, and of course will have plenty of opportunities to practice for the exam. Contact us at (862) 210-8600 to find out more about this program and how we can help you receive a score you are proud of! Trust in us to provide the best tutoring in West Caldwell.


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