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After the joy of winter break and the holidays comes the harsh reality of going back to school. This can be more stressful for some students than others, for whom going back to school is a source of anxiety. If you’re among these and would like a few tips on how to deal with the nerves, The Tutoring Center in West Caldwell has some for you.

How to Deal with School Anxiety

Have Fun!

Get it out of your system! If you’re stressed about going back to school because you won’t have time to rest as much, have fun or do other things, use your time off as an opportunity to fulfill your wishes.

Review and Research

If the source of your anxiety comes from not knowing if you’ll be able to take on the new challenges, refresh your memory by reviewing your notes. At the same time, research what topics you’ll be studying in this new term so you know what you’ll be up against.

Discuss Your Feelings

Sometimes, just talking about your thoughts, feelings and concerns with others can help you gain new perspectives on the matter and clear your head. Talk to peers, friends, relatives, or even to a professional about your anxiety.


Some activities, like playing with a dog, going on a trip, exercising or even just taking deep breaths can help lower the stress levels in your mind and body. Do these during your break so you can get ready for school.

Change Your Mindset

Remember that what you think has an impact in how you act, which in turn affects how others act around you. Build up your confidence and keep a positive mindset so you can have a successful school year.

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