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Notes are often the main study material for most students. This is why, if you want to do well on your tests, you need to take effective notes that will help you reinforce your knowledge. If you need a few tips in order to improve your note-taking skills, don’t worry! You’ll find some advice on the subject in this post, courtesy of The Tutoring Center, which can provide tutoring in West Caldwell so you can achieve your academic goals.

How to Take Good Notes

Keep Your Notes Organized and Clean

First, have a notebook/folder for each subject and use them accordingly so your notes are organized. Likewise, try to keep your notes free of doodles or mistakes so they aren’t messy.

Have Your Tools Handy

Have everything you need within arm’s reach when you’re in the classroom, so you don’t fall behind on your notes while you’re searching for your supplies. For example, if you’re writing with a pencil, have a sharpener and eraser handy. 

Good Handwriting

Sometimes, being in a rush to take notes only results in incomprehensible sentences written in horrible penmanship. Make it a point to write well so you can actually understand your notes later on.

Develop a Note-Taking Strategy

If you feel that you may fall behind while writing notes, develop a strategy that can make your note-taking more effective. For example, write down the main ideas instead of noting every word the teacher utters. You can also use common abbreviations to save time.

Emphasize Important Information in Your Notes

Dates, names, definitions and other important information in your notes should be able to stand-out. You can make use of highlighters, colored pens, and sticky notes so those key pieces of information don’t get lost in your notebook. 

Review Your Notes

When you’re done taking notes, review what you wrote down. This way, you’ll be able to identify if something wasn’t clear, and you’ll have a chance to ask your teacher or compare notes with your peers, so you can clear your doubts.

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