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Tips for Acing the True/False Section

Mid-terms are approaching for many students, and stress levels can be pretty high. Here are a few tips to help make tackling those true-false questions on your test a bit easier.

When in Doubt

If you do not know if a statement is true or false, mark it true. It is hard to make a true statement false, so there are usually more true statements on a test than false ones. This holds especially true if there is specific data in the statement itself.

Read Carefully

Often times, a teacher will add a qualifier to a true statement to make it false. Be on the lookout for these. Do not assume that because the statement contains some truth that it is therefore true. "The American flag has 50 stars to represent the 50 states, just as it did since the country's founding." It is true that the flag has 50 stars for the 50 states, but we did not always have 50 states, so the statement is false.

Falsifying Modifiers

Teachers can add modifiers to a true statement to make it false. Examples include: always, all, none, best, absolutely, everybody, invariably, only. If your question includes one of these modifiers or something similar, pay extra close attention.

Verifying Modifiers

Other modifiers are likely to make a statement true, rather than false. For example, seldom, many, sometimes, a few, likely, probably, might, all soften a statement to make it more accurate.

Double Negatives

Be aware of any double negatives in the statement meant to confuse you. "Not uncommon" means "common," for example. Also keep an eye out for negative prefixes, "un-," "im-," or "mis-," which will change the meaning of the statement.

Cause and Effect

Statements that provide a reason for a true statement may often be false. The effect itself may be true, but the cause given may not be, making the statement false. "The grass is green because it is made of dollar bills."

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