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Group Study Sessions Are a Powerful Resource

It can be easy for parents to dismiss the idea of allowing their student to participate in a group study session. After all, it’s just an excuse to get together and gossip, right? While these types of sessions do occur, if facilitated correctly, a group study session can hold great benefits for your youngster. Below is a post from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ on the very topic.

A Small Misunderstanding Can Result in a Failed Grade

It has happened to you or a colleague at work. Your boss gave verbal instructions to a group of employees and, for some reason or another, somebody misunderstood the instructions or had a misperception of what was required, and spent valuable work time working on something which, when handed in, resulted in an angry boss. Now transfer this scenario into your child’s classroom and, instead of an angry boss, it’s an unimpressed teacher who has little choice to assign a low or, even worse, failing grade. This is all because of a small misperception of what was required, and not because of any disinterest in the class. During a group study session, students have the opportunity to comfortably discuss their perceptions of what is required and what is needed to achieve a passing grade. A small conversation in a comfortable environment is all it takes to clear up any misunderstandings and set each student on the right track.

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