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How to Make Your First Teacher Meeting a Productive One

With the new school year getting into full swing for students across the country, now is also a time for parents to prepare to meet their child's new teacher. The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ has the following tips to share which can help in your preparations.

Make a list!

Like many of life's most important moments, a list can do wonders! Take some time to think about the challenges that your student faced during the previous school year along with any areas they really excelled in. Place all of these in the list. Once you have finished, keep the list with you for a few days so that you can add to it as you remember items. A couple of days before your meeting, work through the list and prioritize each item in the event that you do not have sufficient time to speak about everything.

Listen First!

It is likely that many of the concerns that you will want to speak about are already on the teacher's mind, and they have also prepared some information for you. So first, let them introduce themselves, tell you about their learning style, the year ahead, what lessons they anticipate will be a struggle along with any other comments they may have. As the teacher speaks, instead of asking questions, make a mental note of them or ever write them down to discuss once they have finished.

Use Your Time Wisely

You aren't likely to get many opportunities to speak with your child's teacher one-on-one, so make the most of the time you do have now. Instead of getting into discussing topics that the teacher can't help with, such as how the school is run or any budgeting concerns, stick to matters of your child's education.

Tutoring in West Caldwell NJ Can Help

If your student feels nervous about returning to school for the new year then it could be that they are not confident in their academic abilities. To help them prepare for the year ahead, speak with The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ by calling (862) 210-8600 and book your initial free consultation.


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