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Help Your Student Get a Good Night Sleep

Every parent knows that sleep is one of the most important aspects of a child’s life because it’s when their body and brain have a chance to grow. However, every parent also knows that getting a child to go to bed isn’t exactly the easiest task. To help you in this regard, below are some tips from The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ for you to consider.

Adjust Their Diet

There is nothing more delicious than finishing off a meal with dessert. However, there is also nothing like watching your student run around the hoes late at night because of all the sugar they just ate. Instead, consider swapping sugary dessert for alternatives such as light ice-cream and fresh fruit. Be sure that you also eat the same healthier foods so that they are encouraged to follow suit. By removing as much sugar as you can from their nightly routine you can help their bodies to relax.

Alter Their Device Usage

It’s no surprise that children want to stay up late and watch TV. And while this can be a healthy part of a family routine, watching TV too late at night or too close to the time your student is supposed to go to bed is not a good way to help them drift off. Instead, institute a rule where your children stop watching TV one hour before bed and instead swap for reading a book of their choice. This is a great way to help your child’s brain relax and also for them to enjoy the benefits of reading.


It can be a challenge for parents to find the right balance between incentives and bribes. The best way to ensure you are staying on the side of incentives is to stick with items which don’t cost money. For example, if your student refuses to go to sleep on time then change the wifi password during the night and don’t provide them with the new password until the next morning after they have slept at the correct time. Similarly, consider preparing their favorite breakfast if they go to bed at the right time that night.

Tutoring in West Caldwell

When it comes to getting your children to bed on time, these are some great ways which can help. If you find that your child’s sleeping habits are affecting their learning, Tutoring in West Caldwell can help. Speak with The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell NJ at (862) 210-8600 to book your free diagnostic assessment where you and your student can learn about the benefits of tutoring in West Caldwell.


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