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Cleaning Meets Learning

It’s important for your children to take a break from their full-time studies during the spring break. However, if they are struggling with a lesson, your spring cleaning may be a good platform to use for an informal lesson. The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell has some further information below with two ideas to get you started.

Teach Time-Management

Many children take home low grades simply because they didn’t have enough time to complete their assignment or homework, and it has nothing to do with a disinterest in learning. And while you may take it for granted, the thought process which goes into planning your spring cleaning day is just what every student needs to learn.
  • Start by showing them how you create your chore list.
  • Next up, teach them how you prioritize each item. Be sure to explain to them all of the factors you consider.
  • Now, show them how you use this information to plan out the day, such as allocating a set amount of time to a room or a particular activity.
The above is a great way to show a student with a heavy workload how to approach a busy study period with a lot of competing priorities.

Basic Spatial Awareness and Measurements

If your child is younger and struggling to learn the basics, include them when you move your furniture to clean. As an example, before moving the couch, have your young student take its measurements and measure whether it will fit in a new temporary place of their choosing using calculations. Once they feel comfortable with this, remove the measurements and help them to improve their visual-spatial awareness.

Tutoring in West Caldwell Can Help a Student Who Is Struggling

The above isn’t an exhaustive list, but it does give you an idea of how you can approach your spring cleaning and introduce basic yet powerful lessons which can help your student. If your child requires a little more help than this method can provide, speak with a professional tutor at The Tutoring Center, West Caldwell. Call (862) 210-8600 today and book your free initial diagnostic assessment.


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